Wayne Scully, CEP®

W. Scully, CPA, P.C.
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CEP® Date Awarded
June 1, 2017

Wayne A. Scully, CEP®, CPA
Founder - W. Scully CPA, P.C.

Wayne is an entrepreneur who has been active in the small business community for many years. Not only is he the founder of W. Scully CPA, P.C. he is also the co-owner of a successful manufacturing and distributing company. He understands many of the intricate needs of individuals / small businesses and the unique challenges they face.

The most important thing clients need to know is that "everyone needs an estate plan" which comes down to managing risk. In 2016, Wayne became licensed by the State of New York as an Insurance Broker and then subsequently a Certified Estate Planner. Working with a team of other financial & legal professionals, he is able to assist his clients help build and maintain wealth through effective and efficient tax, retirement and estate planning strategies using various insurance and annuity products. 

Tax planning and tax forecasting services for individual clients is provided by the firm. Effective tax minimization begins with long-term tax strategizing to establish overall objectives and is maintained with conscientious and consistent annual tax forecasting and mid-year tax planning.

It is often difficult to think about an effective tax, retirement or estate plan when you have the IRS or state taxing authorities on your back. So, here's Wayne to the rescue: He is a Tax Controversy Specialist that will help solve your back tax, delinquent tax filing and IRS / state audit issues. From his toolbox, he will work with you to solve your problems via an Installment Plan, Offer-in-Compromise, Penalty Abatement, and much more. Most of these solutions require a skillfully-prepared, properly executed financial analysis that can only be done best by Wayne.


A Certified Estate Planner™ has:

  • Completed a rigorous eight (8) module course of instruction in the field of estate planning,
  • Successfully passed a comprehensive examination process,
  • Shown a desire to associate with professional estate planning peers,
  • Agreed to comply with annual estate planning continuing education requirements, and
  • Ascribed to the practical guidelines and code of ethics of the NICEP.

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