NICEP Estate Planning Certifications

In the current economic climate, it is more important than ever that you distinguish yourself among your peers by elevating the proficiency and credibility of your practice with a comprehensive education and certification in estate planning from the NICEP. This is simply the most relevant professional niche possible for today's thoughtful planner.

 First- An Important Note!

Professional Certifications and Designations are not licenses granted and governed by State regulation, e.g., Attorney, CPA, Securities, Insurance. Rather, they are educational credentials that show expertise and proficiency with a particular subject matter, conveyed and maintained with permission from their issuing organizations, e.g., CEP®, CFP®, CLU®. Stated another way - earning a professional educational certification/designation does not grant the holder any right to "do" any act or "provide" any service that they are not already licensed by their state to do. Applicants for this course, therefore, must hold a valid current license in either the financial, legal, or tax profession, or receive permission for enrollment based on some other relevant professional interest.

Q: So, if I am not an attorney, and I become a Certified Estate Planner™ Professional, can I give legal advice or draft legal documents for my clients, family members, or friends?
A: Absolutely NOT! If you are not an attorney, that is the Unauthorized Practice of Law.


A broad education on estate planning, from a multi-disciplinary approach , i.e., legal, financial, and tax, that incorporates all of the most commonly used and favored methodologies for structuring estates. This course provides a clear and linear approach to the subject that will give you all of the tools you will need to educate your client(s) and assist them through a decision tree of options and consequences. This will allow them to elect a plan, along with the coordination of documents, the positioning and titling of assets, and the timing of events - all customized to their specific objectives.  ENROLL NOW
* $1695 enrollment fee includes the cost of the course, materials, exam and first year certification fees.

  • The Unauthorized Practice of Law
  • The Transfer of Wealth
  • Estate and Other Taxes
  • Essential Documents and Directives
  • Planning for Death and Incapacity
  • Understanding Wills and Trusts
  • Will Centered vs. Trust Centered Estate Planning
  • The Revocable Living Trust
  • Essential Elements and Special Provisions in Wills and Trusts
  • Funding and Follow Up
  • Protecting Wealth and Providing a Legacy
  • Insurance and Estate Planning
  • and much more!


This advanced course covers aspects of estate planning beyond the initial structuring of estate planning, i.e. settling estates upon the death of the first and second spouse, asset protection, business and entity structuring, as well as delving into the use of more sophisticated trusts and techniques for clients with unique circumstances.  Only Certified Estate Planner™ (CEP®) certificants in current good standing with the National Institute of Certified Estate Planners may apply for this advanced level estate planning course.  ENROLL NOW
** $1695 enrollment fee includes the cost of the course, materials, and exam.

  • Settling an Estate on the Death of the First Spouse
  • Settling an Estate on the Death of the Second Spouse
  • Why Revocable Living Trusts Sometimes Fail
  • Mistakes Trustees Often Make
  • Asset Protection
  • Corporate Structuring
  • More Sophisticated Trusts for Complex Estates
  • Charitable Planning
  • Planning for Estates with Proportionately Large Qualified Retirement Assets
  • Dealing with Special Needs and Family Dynamics
  • Clients Wishes and Legacy Planning
  • and much more!

 - $2695 *

For those candidates who are interested in earning the Certified Estate Planner™ and Master Certified Estate Planner™ Certifications consecutively, we offer a substantial discount.

All course protocols remain the same as above. Therefore, in terms of completion deadlines, you begin with a one year window to complete the CEP® program. Should you successfully do so in six months, you would immediately be enrolled in the MCEP® program, and a new one year clock would begin. If you already have your eye on the MCEP® award - this is the plan for you!  ENROLL NOW


  "Loved the course. Spent hundreds of hours with it, reading the study materials and listening to Jon's classroom sessions. He's a kick and he really knows his stuff. Thanks again for a wonderful course. It was well worth the investment of time and money. Grateful to be part of the NICEP community." Jeff R., CO
  "Thank you for taking the time to teach the class. I learned a lot and I'm really looking forward to tailoring my practice to not only market myself as a CEP®, but also implementing the topics that I'm learning in the course." Bruce B., WA
  “This course was an excellent way to prepare for the CEP® exam. The course was fast moving, and questions were answered directly. It greatly increased my knowledge on trusts and estate planning. I can't wait to use the concepts learned in my business.” Jim D., FL
  “Thanks again for a great class! Best course experience I’ve ever had!” John Y., CA 
  “I consider the time and dollars to be excellent investments and believe that the knowledge, certification, and association with the NICEP will be highly beneficial to my practice.” Jack W., TX
  “This course was excellent. My background was almost solely based in the securities industry and I was the highest ranking officer in the trust department of the second largest bank in the state. This training proved to be indispensable, both to my staff and to myself. I would recommend this program to anyone committed to the most efficient protection and transfer of wealth.” Mark S., NH
  “I have been in the Insurance and Financial Services field for over twenty years. starting with one of the big mutuals. I received excellent training, and always subscribed to the “get all the knowledge you can” approach in the business. I have attained numerous certifications and have many initials after my name which show my belief in professional education in the ever-changing environment of insurance and planning. For many years I worked and learned but still stayed in the same economic and income level. My practice is focused on Estate Planning and I have worked with some high-powered legal advisors, but did not feel fulfilled. In 2002 I enrolled with the NICEP and earned my CEP® certification. The timing was perfect since I was working with a large estate and closed the largest commission I had ever attained. My income has grown over 5 times my average income before my association with the NICEP. It has given me credibility with advisors, more confidence in front of clients and the opportunity to have a large increase in my income. Thank you.” Stephen S., NC
  “I am writing to thank you for the outstanding CEP® program. Your presentation was the most user friendly and practical application oriented program that I have attended in my thirteen years as an estate planner. Your services provide the estate planners the opportunity to take their practice to the next level in services and quality. I congratulate the NICEP for providing a valuable, timely, comprehensive, and quality focused educational service. You are establishing a new standard for the industry while making an immense contribution to professionalism in the arena of estate planning.” William S., CO
  “The CEP® Course far exceeded my expectations and is well worth the investment of your time and money.” Mark N., NC
  “The format of the course is perfect for a working professional and the direct approach was a tremendous asset. The recognition from clients about this certification has been extremely valuable. Thank you.” Philip K., IL
  “I would recommend this course. With estate planning being a constantly moving target, it is valuable for anyone who works in the legal or financial arena to be reminded of, or learn, the basics involved in current estate planning. Without continuing reminders and updates we can be unknowingly guiding our clients toward a path that may not suit them perfectly.” Mark H., NC
  “Just wanted to say thank you so much for the very informative and highly enlightening course. I can't even begin to tell you how much this will enhance everything we do and the fact that we have such a huge resource available means so much. What you guys are doing is awesome.” Cheri H., NV
  “I found this course to be quite helpful in consolidating a vast amount of information into a concise and smooth study. I definitely think it was helpful to my grasping the subject matter in a manner easy to recall.” Michael H., TX
  “I wanted to write to you to let you know that taking your class has been one of the best things I have done for my career. This class has given me the confidence to get in front of the very affluent and be confident in the advice I am giving. I have also used the information to get in the planned giving area. My B/D puts a premium on education. This class was a great experience and I hope some of my peers will take advantage of this opportunity!” Hugh H., GA
  “Most of us have been exposed to at least some of the material in the course. However, this course takes it to another level and gives the financial advisor much greater knowledge of the entire estate planning process.” Philip E., TX

Estate Planning Today

There has never been a more important topic or critical time in the story of our nation's wealth. America is in the midst of a profound financial reconfiguration. The Baby Boomer Generation, those born from 1946 to 1964, is now in retirement age. The largest wealth transfer in our nation's history is underway, and while there may be dozens if not hundreds of financial, legal and tax professionals in most localities, it is so common as to be cliché… the average American has done little or no estate planning! This means that all of the hard work you and your clients have done so far may be undone upon their death or disability.

Nevertheless, consumers are more savvy than ever, asking better questions, and looking for guidance. Today, estate planning is on everyone’s mind and has become increasingly complex. The NICEP is proud to lead the way in the education and support of financial, legal and tax professionals who desire to elevate their practice in the comprehensive and demanding field of estate planning. Planners need to know how to serve their clients and safeguard themselves. Paying very strict attention to the prohibitions against the Unauthorized Practice of Law, the NICEP has designed its course to instruct attorneys and non-attorney planners in the proper techniques and language for use in their practice.

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VA Reimbursement

The CEP® certification qualifying exam has been approved by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs as reimbursable under the GI Bill for licensing and certification. Contact our office for details: or 765-453-4300.

NICEP Dean of Education

Attorney at law

Attorney Jon Graham is the Dean of Education for the NICEP and the principal instructor for both the CEP® and MCEP® courses. He is an active estate planning attorney and resides with his wife and children in Plymouth, MA. In addition to his legal practice, Jon is also a member of the Real Estate Bar Association. He has a proven track record as both a practitioner and a teacher in the estate planning arena, particularly in the use of trusts, elder planning, and corporate and asset protection strategies.

Industry Compliance & Approval

Our professional certifications are recognized and approved for use nationwide by many of America’s leading financial, legal, and tax entities. We regularly work with our certificants, their legal and compliance personnel, governing boards and bars, etc. to maintain broad approval for the use of our marks.

If necessary, we will be pleased to assist new candidates with requests from companies or organizations seeking to review and approve the use of The NICEP Certification marks for their agents or representatives.

Should you ever encounter a problem applying for or using your credential with a firm you represent or a governing body, please let us know. We are accustomed to the process, language and protocol of review and approval. We will do everything we can within the laws and guidelines of your jurisdiction and nationwide industry standards to ensure your best possible use of your certification.

Further, once you are certified, individuals and firms can always check our website to verify your current "good standing." Occasionally, however, compliance departments need a document. Contact our office if you ever need a letter that shows your current standing with the NICEP.